Tove Dress in Blue Zellige

Type: Dress

Style and Fabric

A simple and striking long dress for everyday wear. Full-length buttons with loops are an elegant detail, allowing you style it as more, or less open around the legs or neck.

Stitched in smooth cotton poplin, this dress is not lined.

About the Print

Zellige is a new check print, taken from the beautiful, simple glazed tiles of Morocco with the same name. We were drawn to the naturally uneven edges of these handmade ceramics and tried to replicate the feeling with our block print.

This piece was hand block printed, cut, stitched and finished entirely with our close partners in Jaipur. Each design is produced in small batches of around 30-60 pieces to ensure exclusivity and complete control and care in production.

Sizing and Fit

Model is 5ft 8

This sleeveless long dress has pockets and a wonderful deep swishy frill, the fit is relatively easy on the waist. If you prefer a free fitting shape, try the new Pascale or the Colette dresses.

Please use the below chart to find your perfect fit. While an XS is approximately a UK 8, and an S a UK 10 etc, there is no such thing as standard sizing and the only way to be sure the dress will fit is to measure yourself.

cm/inches To fit chest To fit waist Full Length
XS 76-81 / 30-32 66-69 / 26-27 136/53.5
S 81-86 / 32-34 71-74 / 28-29 136/53.5
M 86-91.5 / 34-36 74-80 / 29-31.5 136/53.5
L 91.5-96.5 / 36-38 81-86 / 32 - 33.5 136/53.5
XL 96.5 - 101.5 / 38-40 86-93 / 34-36 136/53.5