Daydress began with a single dress; A perfectly simple, soft cotton shirt dress.  I was travelling with work in India, being happily overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and colours of Jaipur’s old city.  My head was turned by the piles-upon-piles of brightly coloured block printed cottons for sale, so I picked a pretty one, took it to a tailor and asked him to make me a perfect shirt dress, with pockets, a tidy little Nehru collar and buttons all the way down the front, and that was the first Daydress.  Now we have many more styles, all created using our own original Daydress block prints.

I had always loved block-print and began developing my own print patterns for dresses in 2017.  I was working full-time at House & Garden magazine and Daydress was just a little side project, which stealthily became more demanding, so in Summer 2021 I began full-time Daydress.

I spend many happy hours designing the Daydress block-prints.  They are what make us unique and for me, designing pattern is totally addictive!  You can view some of our designs in the ‘Textile Library’ here.  Although our main focus is dresses, the many other applications for our prints are irresistible, so we are happy to be launching tableware and more home accessories in 2023.

Thank you for visiting!

Gabby Deeming