Sophia frilled wrap dress in Lavender Wild Flowers


This is a beautiful poplin dress, a really classic shape with the frill adding playful style. This design has a cleverly cut wrap top-half and a gently gathered skirt which doesn't wrap. The shape is really adjustable, you can use the waist ties to find your best fit.  

Fitting - The left hand side of the belt threads through a hole on the inside seam of the waist band, while the right side belt wraps around to meet at the back, or side.

The size chart below is the actual size of the garment, so body size needs to be an inch less or so than the dress size

cm/inch Waist Chest Skirt Length
XS 73/28.5 92/36 90/35.5
S 78/30.5 97/38 90/35.5
M 85/33.5 101/40 90/35.5
L 91/37.75 106/42 90/35.5
XL 97/38 110/43 90/35.5